Highlights from e-Learning Korea 2016

It's clear that the technology landscape continues to evolve and bring new opportunities for schools and teachers. Visiting e-Learning Korea 2016 exhibition in Seoul was a good opportunity to see what Korean companies and orgaizations have to offer to students and educators.

Goodbye blackboard, hello smart class

Smartboards are already a daily tool in many schools in Korea. At e-Learning 2016, in Seoul, we had the chance to try a few advanced smartboards and we were impressed by the added functionality they offer to students and teachers. One of the most advanced platforms was developped by i-Kaist, a subsidiary of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and founded by KAIST graduates. We must point out that their current model is already being used at more than 300 schools nationwide, but their improved model has potential to reach students worldwide.

N-Smarts, a Korean company focused on Smart Class platform development also showed how their solutions integrate digitally and create a radically new approach to learning.


Schools today must include a technology strategy for the classroom and school-wide learning environment. Technology provides the means to help keep students engaged, foster a positive learning experience, provide more personalized attention, improve classroom management, and mitigate the digital divide by providing access to technology at school for those students who may not have access at home. Educators cannot ignore the potential benefits of tablets and the opportunities afforded by bringing an integrated set of hardware and software solutions in to the classroom.