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Astrid Global is a leading international business development and marketing consulting firm that specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets. We assist western companies in entering or expanding into Asian markets. We offer a wide range of global business solutions to help SMEs succeed in international markets including, international business development, market research, feasibility studies, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, lead generation, partner search, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch and trade show support services. At Astrid, we have worked with 30+ companies to help them develop business in Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, and have a wide variety of services tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and budget. In general terms our services cover the following areas, but please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


For international companies wanting to do business in Korea and worldwide, we offer the following services:
- Business Development
- Market entry strategy
- Online Sales : Amazon, eBay

Market Research

Astrid consultants can conduct market research to help you understand more about your target market, to give you the core information to help develop a market entry strategy to target the Korean market.

Local presence

We commit dedicated staff, on the ground in Korea to work for you on a day to day basis. Building relationships, developing sales and dealing with enquiries; In the same time zone, same language and same culture.

 Our focus

Our focus

Small and medium-sized enterprises We work side by side with SMEs in kick-starting new business areas and markets, accelerating top-line growth and developing processes

Family businesses We work with family owned businesses globally on strategy, market expansion, succession planning and HR development.

Fast growing tech companies We help growth companies in boosting product development, user acquisition and pivot products to accelerate product-market fit.

Our Team

We have a team of dedicated professionals working from Seoul. We also work with associates in Japan, Singapore, UK, Spain and Latin America. Our team comprises of strong technical people and deep commercial experience. We carefully recruit people to our team who have the unique ability to understand both European and East Asian business cultures, have strong communication skills and a determination to succeed.
Per Andersson
Per Andersson
Founder & CEO
Steven Everett
Steven Everett
Account Manager
Erica Kim
Erica Kim
Business Development

Our clients

We have been honoured to work with an exciting range of companies over the years, collaborating with a wide variety of people. Here is a selection of the clients we have worked with in Japan, and some of the nice things they say about us:

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